Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Jeffery Pino
  • Corporation in MonopolyHow a Corporation could be a Monopoly
  • Technological monopoly: Apple which is based on ownership or even control of manufacturing methods/ processes.
  • Now this building is Geographic monopoly: restaurant (Whataburger) it's a monopoly due to the location an absence of other sellers.
  • Oh I love Whataburger and I didn't know it was a georgraphic monopoly company
  • Yeah monopoly is exclusive possession or even control of supply
  • Government monopoly: At&T which is a monopoly that the government owns and operates.
  • Apple
  • All these businesses in town are monopoly
  • Apple is a monopoly company wow this business is doing really well
  • Yeah my phone is apple wow amazing