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History French Revolution
Updated: 11/1/2020
History French Revolution
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  • Change of calender: People came up with a new calendar in order to replace the Gregorian calender in order, to avoid religous content.
  • De- Christianization: During the French Revoution, the French shut down churches and stopped the worships, ars it symbolized social status.
  • Set-up of Committee of Public Safety: A provisional government during the French Revolution. It mainly defended invading enemies by creating a strong army (it was portrayed as a dictatorship.)
  • The Reign of Terror: Although not certain, the Jacobins guillotined 40,000 possible counter-revolutionaries. Many people at that time found this ridiculous and obsurd
  • Army raised by Committee of Public Safety: Although vulnerable at a certain point in time, the French Army strengthened its military power steadily, leading it to be one of the dominant powers of Europe. This was because of the "Levée en Mass," forcing all unmarried men between ages 18 to 25 attend the army to defend their country. This lead to France not only defending itself from an invasion, but not to mention it also had the confidence to invade others
  • Head of National Convention gets guillotined: Robspierre was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety, the de-facto French Government at that time. He ended his life on the guillotine when he was 36, as people were not satisfied with his over-reacting ideas (the include killing anyone who MAY be counter-revolutionary, or calling everyone citizens instead of Monsieur and Madame
  • Constitution of Year III and 1795 Directory: Formed during the French Revolution, this Constitution declared France a liberal state, as well as claiming all men are citizens of the French Republic. It gave the government (an organization with spread powers) to take power over the country, with the political interference of its citizens.
  • The Constitution of Year iii-----------
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