French Rev Story Board - Natalie S.
Updated: 12/2/2020
French Rev Story Board - Natalie S.

Storyboard Text

  • France in 1789 ( old regime )
  • I can now live the rich life i've always wanted
  • I am the Estate! I will do things my way!
  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • Let's go! We shall go and discuss thefinancial problems going on.
  • Yes, we shall indeed.
  • Limited ( constitutional ) Monarchy
  • We shall make sure that equality is mentioned on the document
  • France under the Old Regime gave a big advantage to the top two Estates; the rest of the 3rd Estate.Moreover, France was led into trouble as the state wasgoing bankrupt.
  • French Republic and Terror
  • I shall behead Louis XVI for all the crimes he has committed against France!
  • An Estates General meeting was called upon by King Louis XVI for the first time since 1614. They were in debt and needed to solve the financial crisis going on.
  • Napoleon and French Empire
  • This is the napoleonic code that I have created. Everyone must follow these codes!
  • In 1789, the National Assembly gathered together and drafted the Declaration of Rights. The documents guaranteed equality and liberty.
  • Napoleon Falls From Power and Congress of Vienna
  • We must defeat Napoleon and end his attempt at gaining power!!
  • King Louis XVI was arrested for the crimes he committed and tried for treason. After his execution, the French citizens formed a moderate government called the Directory.
  • behead him!
  • Napoleon Bonaparte seized power in 1799 and wrote a set of laws called the Napoleonic code. This code gave all French citizens rights but also took away many individual rights like limited free speech and restored slavery.
  • Napoleonic Code
  • After returning from Elba, Napoleon tried to regain his power. However, after the fight against the Europeans at the Waterloo, Napoleon was defeated and sent to a far-off island in the southern Atlantic Ocean.