Thank you ma'am
Updated: 12/16/2020
Thank you ma'am

Storyboard Text

  • what are you doing
  • give me your purse!
  • what do you think you are doing. Now im gonna call the police
  • no please dont call the cops
  • Beginning: IN this scene ms jones is walking away from a local store. It was poring so she tried to get home quickly.
  • fine but you are coming with me. you need to clean yourself your all dirty
  • fine, ok ill come with you
  • Rising action:She was walking through the bad side of town but she really didn't care because she just wanted to get home quickly, but that's when a kid tried to steal her purse.
  • Rising action: The strap snapped and the boy fell to the ground. Ms. Jones was gonna call the police but the kid begged her to not call the police and to forgive him.
  • by the way, why did you try to steal my purse anyway???
  • I wanted a new pair of shoes
  • Climax: In this scene MS. Jones forgives him but tells Roger to come with her in order to clean his face and get him food.
  • Falling action:Once they get to the house Roger goes and cleans his face in the bathroom.
  • Resolution: While MS.Jones was preparing the food she asked him why he tried to steal her purse. Once she is done making him food she gives him money and he whispers"Thank you, ma'am.