Updated: 9/28/2021

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  • Ciudad del Carmen is a city in southeasternMexico. It is located on Isla del Carmen, between the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna de Terminos, a protected area with dolphins and turtles.
  • Welcome to Carmen City, Campeche the pearl of the Gulf
  • The gastronomy of Ciudad del Carmen is very peculiar in the field of seafood, because it is an island, mostly shrimp, crabs, fish and snail are consumed a lot, specifically, the most common dish of this city are: soft , the panuchos, codzitos, chalupas and ceviches
  • The city is known for its colonial buildings, seafood, and beaches, including Playa Norte.
  • If you go to that city, something very traditional is that you have to drink coconut water.
  • The most touristy place is Isla Aguada where there is a boat ride and it takes you through 3 stations:1st. They take you to see the dolphins at 2 meters.2nd. an island of birds where there are all the species of the coast3rd. a walk through a mini island where you can go down and get into the sea for a while
  • You know, as a curious fact about the city of Carmen, is that it has the longest bridge in all of Mexico
  • Another is the church of the Virgin of Carmen, where the Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated for the belief that she protects that place. In the sea there is a statue of the Virgin with a very beautiful route around it.
  • Some tourist places that Ciudad del Carmen has are: The city's boardwalk, where you can enjoy the view of the sea, and eat marquesitas and espresso.
  • Another place is also the beaches, there are several beaches but those who live there consider that "BAHAMITA" is the most beautiful beach there.
  • The rate to travel to the pearl of the gulf, 4 to 5 days, is an approximate for the following:
  • Terminal truck to get to the city: $ 300, Hotel: $ 400, meals: $ 500, Tourist: $ 150, Souvenirs: $ 150, transportation: $ 200
  • We are waiting for you, do not stay without wanting to go, and without living that experience