chapter 4
Updated: 5/10/2020
chapter 4

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  • I wonder where Asher could be
  • Im remembering a kid called Benjamin. He was great and spent all of his volunteer hours in the rehabilitation center. I want to tell him how impressed I was with his abilities but i can't because of the bragging rule
  • I remember one time I heard that one kid didn't complete his volunteer hours and he was granted one more month to complete them but he didn't had a ceremony.
  • Hi Jonas! Im going to bring you the sign-up list
  • This kid will have an additional month to complete his volunteer hours but he will not have a ceremony
  • we have our assignments
  • Today Roberto was released! It was a great ceremony. First, they told us all his life which was very interesting, then we had a toast. We chanted the anthem and some people made little speeches
  • The rule says that we can only see newchildren and elders naked
  • Jonas is looking for Asher so they can complete they're last volunteer hours together. Meanwhile, he remembers the rule of bragging and one of his groupmates. Later he founds Asher's bike outside the house of the old.
  • Jonas is at the house of the old and he is asked to sign on the volunteer hour list. Then, he remembers a kid who did not complete his volunteer hours and was granted an extra month to complete them but did not have a ceremony
  • Jonas is in the bathing room where he finds Fiona and Asher. He bathes Larissa, an old fun lady who tells the kids about the release they had in the morning. Then he thinks of the rule that you are only allowed to see newchildren and elders naked
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