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Updated: 4/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • George Washington
  • Benedict Arnold
  • I'm go steal the British cannon so we can win the war.
  • Wait the colonists don't care about me after I did all that wow.
  • Paul Revere
  • This is what happened in the Boston massacre 
  • In the Revolutionary war George Washington was a leader on the Colonist and was a big part in the Colonist win. Also George Washington character traits was leadership I don't really need to explain that mans was a whole president com'on now.
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • During the war Benedict Arnold was on both side of the Revolutionary war he was on the Colonists side at the beginning but the colonists did not appreciate him so Benedict left and joined the ENGLAND. Also his character trait was Optimism Because he did what was best for himself.
  • Sam Adams
  • Paul Revere was a silversmith and when the Boston massacre happened Paul Revere did like a drawing and it was well designed but it only showed the Colonist side not the Red coats side so all of those soldiers went to jail. I think Paul Revere's character trait is creativity because he drew a very detailed picture the Boston Massacre.
  • King George lll
  • Do leave me!!!!
  • When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he said "All men are created equal" but when Thomas Jefferson went to his plantation and had about 200 slaves there. His Character trait is also leadership Because I mean he was also a president and sign the Declaration of Independence.
  • Sam Adams was a crazy man part of the Sons Of Liberty. He help the Sons Of Liberty by tarring and feathering the tax collectors. Sam Adams character is humor because he seem's like a funny man.
  • KG 3 also known as king George lll was obviously the king of England. And still the Ruler or Boss of the Colonists. But after the Declaration of Independence was sign King George didn't what the colonists to leave him, but then the Colonists won the war and KG 3 was not heard of again by the colonists. Leadership because he was a king.