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Updated: 6/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hello Everyone! I'm Na.I'm a student of English Language Education Study Program in Sanata Dharma University.
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  • In this semester, I have Micro-teaching class. This Micro-teaching course prepares the students to teach. So, this course is dominated by students’ teaching practices.
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  • But for me, It's like night mare. I'm very nervous to join this class. During several meetings, my heart always beats fast. I felt uncomfortable in class. I'm afraid to speak and express my feelings.
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  • Every Sunday night, I pray to God. I wish everything goes peaceful. I'm still afraid and my heart keeps beating fast.
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  • One day, we have simulation teaching in small group. Then, one of member in each groups will practice in front of class. I keep talking to myself that everything's gonna be okay. I'll be alright. But, here we go. I'm chosen. I looked calm, but actually I'm very nervous and worried.
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  • After doing that simulation, everything that I thought about the micro-teaching class changed. I'm still nervous, but I feel comfortable and enjoy the activity. It's fun. I learnt many things and get the values.
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