Ransom Of The Red Chief

Updated: 2/12/2021
Ransom Of The Red Chief

Storyboard Text

  • Sam and Bill wanted to keep Johnny in this cave while they were planning to get the money from Johnny's dad
  • *Screaming*
  • The Red Chief started to attck Bill, and, when Sam and Bill's plan of getting $2000 from Johnny's dad started to go downhill
  • Stop!
  • This is when Bill had enough, he told Sam he had "brought" Johnny home, and said the plan was over. But really Johnny had followed him home. Sam also had sent the letter to Johnny's dad on where to put the money to get Johnny back, and was waiting for a reply.
  • You might wanna look behind you....
  • Sam and Bill had gotten a reply, and it said that Johnny's father wanted $250 for him to take Johnny off their hands. Sam and Bill thought this was fair and agreed to drop off Johnny at 12 like Johnny's dad had said.
  • Yes!
  • Does paying $250 to Johnny's dad for him to take Johnny sound good?
  • Wait up Bill!!
  • They drop off Johnny and start running.
  • We are NOT doing that ever, ever, again!
  • The theme is crime doesn't pay.
  • Welcome to Canada!