the flying machine
Updated: 3/12/2020
the flying machine

Storyboard Text

  • The Flying Machine
  • Theme: Fear can drive a person to do crazy things.
  • ¨Oh, Emperor, Emperor, a miracle.¨
  • ¨I saw him in the air, a man flying in the. I heard a voice call out of the sky, and when i looked up there he was, a dragon in the heavens with a man in it´s mouth, dragon of paper and bamboo, colored like the sun and grass.¨
  • ¨Drink some tea. It must be strange thing, if it is true, to see a man fly. You must have time to think of it, even I must prepare myself for the sight.¨
  • ¨Burn the kite and the inventor´s body and bury them together.¨
  • ¨"You are merciful, Emperor.¨
  • ¨Hold your tongue. It was all a dream, a most sorrowful and beautiful dream. And the farmer in the distant field who also saw, tell him it would pa him to consider it only a vision. If ever the word passes around, you and the farmer die within the hour.¨
  • These scenes show the theme because in the beginning the emperor didn´t think it was real but was soon showed that is was true. When he saw it was real he became scared that someone saw him and would get bad ideas. So he burned the man and his wings, and in the end he told the servant that if word got around that he and the farmer that saw in the distant would die within the hour.His far of someone evil drove him to kill a man.