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Updated: 2/19/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Through this toy, child can develop his critical thinking, visual understanding, cognitive functions and differ the sounds between letters.They also learn how to pronounce these words correctly
  • It also has badges technique which makes it playing more interesting
  • Furthermore children who play alphabet cards can evelop spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. It also promote s problem solving, fine motor skills, and logical thinking. It also develops his communication skills, basic concepst of language and social cooperation skill
  • Its very interesting but does it give so much benefits for real?
  • Lets see it right now.
  • She is a David's mother Shelly. Shelly please can you tell the developments you have achieved with a help of our educational toy?
  • With a help of your toy, David can speak english without mistakes and spell all letters correctly. Moreover, he learnt a lot of new words for his age which is unusual. And lso David and his brother loves making competitions bettween each other every week to guess the word.
  • As you can see its perfect toy for kids. Moreover the guessing words includes the concept of levels. The blue one is the easiest one, green colored cards are the medium and red ones are extremely hard to guess.it can keep interest of children longer.
  • The toys are made of the paper and cardboard through using the modeling and sculputirng techniques, TiSDD method of constructions, origami technique and other carton techiques so there is no small details that toddler can eat by mistake. Also there are no sharp angles which secures your child from danger.
  • Thank you a lot Mark! Good bye!