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thedore rooseivelt
Updated: 5/8/2020
thedore rooseivelt
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  • Theodore Roosevelt was born Oct 27th, 1858. His dad Theodore was a wealthy businessman and his mother Martha was a socialite from the south.
  • As a child Theodore was in poor health and his dad tried to make him stronger through physical exercise. Theodore was home schooled by tutors and learned about the world through his many travels abroad with his family. His uncle Robert taught Theodore about conservation and was an inspiration later in life when he became president.
  • He continued his education at Harvard university, while there he studied many things and he met his first wife Alice. Tragically Alice died two days after giving birth to thier daughter and on the same day as his mother. Theodore left for the badlands after this.
  • Theodore came to the badlands and he bought two cattle ranches and a thousand head of cattle. Theodore loved this land and he would ride his horse and heard cattle and he even became a frontier lawman.
  • Theodore accomplished many things during his Presidency including the Square Deal which regulated the cost of the railroads, food and drugs. He promoted conservation by expanding the national parks and forests. He supported labor unions and welfare for the poor. He was also talented with foreign policy he upheld the Monroe Doctrine which strengthen the Navy. He took charge of building the Panama canal . He also mediated the peace treaty between Japan and Russia and that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Theodore returned to New York, remarried to his childhood sweetheart Edith and began his political career. He held several positions even was Vice President before he became the 26th President in 1901. He was the youngest President at 42 years old.
  • Roosevelt accomplished many things in life including publishing 35 books and 150,000 letters. The teddy bear was created after he refused to shoot an old bear that was tied up for him. He was the first American to earn the Nobel Peace Prize and he is one of the Presidents that is carved into the Mount Rushmore. Sadly he died on January 6th, 1919.
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