Updated: 3/4/2021

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Video PdP Edola 2021

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  • Title: Troubleshooting Process DFT20083 SECURITY BASICS AND IT PROFESSIONAL Description: Demonstrate Basic Troubleshooting Process
  • (Music A + VO)SECURITYBASICS AND IT PROFESSIONAL course introduces students the common threats and attacks faced today. This course provides student with foundational theory behind information security, the basic principles and techniques when designing a secure system. Students are exposed to the principles and good practices in environmentally sustainable secured computing and the use of appropriate tools and technology in managing information system environment
  • Scene 1
  • Relax Ali, Do not worry i will help you, but first you need a little bit of information about TROUBLESHOOTING PROCESS, if this happen again, u know what to do..
  • Sarah, help me, something happened with my computer and i do not know what is going on!
  • Scene 2
  • Use the troubleshooting steps as a guideline to help you diagnose and repair problems :Step 1 : Identify the problemStep 2 : Establish a Theory of Probable CauseStep 3: Test the Theory to Determine CauseStep 4: Establish a Plan of ActionStep 5: Verify Full SystemStep 6: Documentation
  • The Steps is?
  • Scene 3
  • Additional solution to keep your data and computer safe:-Backup your data-Stay away from rouges websites.-Avoid deals that are too good to be true.-Do not open unknown emails.
  • Scene 4
  • One of best things you can do to avoid Malware or hackers is to make data backup once a month or every 3 month
  • How i backup my data?(Demo In Windows with VO )
  • Thank you, so much Sarah, now i know the ways to keep save my computer!
  • BY: Team 2 (Sulliatie, Suhaila, Zalina)