China Economy
Updated: 3/3/2021
China Economy

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  • Hey I just moved here from USA. Is there anyway you could show me around and tell me about China
  • Yeah of course I can. China is a socialist market economy,. A socialist market economy is a system of government that attempts to strike a balance between pure capitalism and social welfare. Follow me i'll show you around
  • Wow! That is so cool. I think the USA spends around $21 trillion on public services.
  • China spends around $3.7 trillion dollars on public services. a year. This is one of the coolest parks in China in which the government spends money on to keep it clean.
  • That's so cool! I think the China unemployment rate is lower than the USA's unemployment rate.
  • This is one of the main factories in China. I wanted to show you this because the unemployment rate in China is 5.5% . This factory produces goods for the president which is why its so important.
  • I brought you here because some of these buildings around here is where some soldiers stay. I wanted to tell you that China spends around $261 billion dollars a year on military services.
  • That's awesome! Hey I see some soldiers right there. Hey how you guys doing.
  • Hey how you doing, welcome to China.
  • Wow! I didn't even think you guys would spend that much on imports. So cool! I think the USA spend around $3 trillion a year on imports so you guys spend a lot less than us
  • This is where most of the imports are brought in. We usually import oil, vehicles, electrical machinery, ash, and  other cool things. We spend around $2.74 trillion on imports a year
  • Thank you for showing me around China. I learned a lot. Have a nice day. Bye.
  • This is our last stop. This is where a lot of our agricultural products are produced. We produce things like fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and cotton. It has been fun showing you around now have a good day.