Roman Struggleboard
Updated: 1/28/2021
Roman Struggleboard

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  • Being a Patrician is amazing!
  • Being a plebian is horrible! You guys have so many more privileges than us!
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  • Patricians
  • We don't like how the Etruscan king rules us! We want more political power!
  • Instead of one king, we'll have a senate and consuls!
  • Let's overthrow the monarchy and create our own government: a republic!
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  • This government is still not fair for us plebians! Only patricians can be senators or consuls, and they change laws all the time!
  • We demand more political power, and we're going to fight back!
  • Plebians
  • We don't want to serve in the military or pay taxes! You know what, let's move out of Rome!
  • Oh no! Without plebians, who will protect us??
  • Patricians
  • Patricians
  • We need plebians to come back, so we'll compromise. One of the consuls should be a plebian and plebians can become senators. Also you can elect Tribunes to represent your ideas.
  • Ok fine we'll come back.
  • Lets write laws down and continue to make a more fair government!