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Updated: 11/17/2020
Islam Storyboard

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  • I am Abu Bakr
  • Caliphs unite Islam
  • We will spread Islam through conquest.
  • I am Umar
  • I am Uthman
  • We will spread Islam through cultural diffusion.
  • I am Ali
  • Growth of the Muslim Empire
  • Hey, have you heard of Islam? You should try it, it's a cool new religion.
  • Okay!
  • I'll trade you my dog for your noodles!
  • Wow, cool! I'll practice it!
  • Ali's election to caliphate
  • We, the Shiites, want you to be our caliph Ali! You are related to Muhammad, Allah's sacred prophet!
  • Wow! Okay!
  • The rightly guided caliphs after Muhammad, who all have relations to Muhammad, unite Islam through cultural diffusion and conquest.
  • The Shiites and the Sunnis have many disagreements
  • The Umayyad dynasty should be caliph! Listen to us! We even outnumber you!
  • Islam spreads through things like cultural diffusion, which includes trade.
  • The Battle of the Tours
  • The people of the Islamic empire elect Ali as their caliph.
  • The Golden Age
  • We invented the windmill, astrolabe, oud, clock, magnifying glass, important surgeries, paper mills, and other medical achievments.
  • What did you guys invent?
  • The two groups, Sunnis and Shiites disagree about who should be the caliph. Even though the Sunnis outnumbered the Shiites, the Shiites still kept on disagreeing with the Sunnis.
  • We don't care that we're outnumbered! Ali should be the caliph! He is Muhammad's son-in-law!
  • Take that!
  • The Muslims and the Franks battle, but the Muslims are driven back to France.
  • Convert the Islam! Let us pass to convert others!
  • Ouch.
  • We will never convert to Islam! Go back to France!
  • During the Golden Age, many important inventions and discoveries were made, and most of them still impact our life to this day.
  • Wow, that's cool! Go invent more stuff.