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alexander hamilton
Updated: 12/19/2018
alexander hamilton
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  • Hello! My name is Alexander Hamilton. I am here to talk to you about some of the events that made colonists so mad they wanted to revolt against Britain.
  • Made by: Alex K
  • This is the Boston massacre, here, 5 patriots died. This made colonists very mad and scared. They were worried that it would happen again, and they were mad because it did happen.
  • Don't come any closer! We will shoot!
  • Come on! Shoot! What are you waiting for?
  • I.. I just... I didn't do anything!
  • Only 2 soldiers were charged for the death of 5 patriots which angered colonists that more weren't charged for the death of their fellow colonists
  • I don't know! I didn't fire! I swear...
  • Oh no
  • It's ok, you'll be ok 
  • Why is he still here? He's been here for way too long, I have had to make dinner for him, give him one of the children's beds and give him so much beer!
  • Zzzz... Zzzz... Zzzz...
  • This colonist is very mad that she has had to pay for that British soldier and clean up after him
  • But not long before the Massacre, the Quartering Act happened
  • No! Not another tax! Really! Ugh!
  • The colonists were not happy to have another tax to pay. They already pay for the soldiers to stay in their houses, and now this
  • After the Quartering Act the Townshend Act was put in action
  • Then after the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party happened
  • Here!
  • Here are Colonists dressed as Native Americans throwing very expensive British Tea into the Boston Harbor. They were so fed up with Britain they decided to rebel and show how they felt about all the taxes Britain had placed on the colonies.
  • Take that!
  • What do you think about this?
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