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Updated: 3/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Charlemagne regain 768-814
  • we will be one empire may god be with us all.
  • excommunication of Henry the IV 1076
  • please let me stay
  • you shall never come back to church
  • Manga carta 1215
  • The manga carta will go down in history
  • as a ruler of the frank's Charlemagne unifies nearly all of Christians lands of Europe into one empire
  • Model Parliament 1295
  • im glad we are all equal now
  • Henry the IV, the emperor of the holy roman empires is excommunicated from the roman cathloc Church
  • plague reaches Europe 1347
  • why father dont leave us
  • King john of egland accepts manga carta under witch he agrees to protect the rights and privileged rightsand privileged nobles
  • hundred years's war 1337-1453
  • King Edward I creates model parliament in 1295
  • the bubnic plague also known as the black death reaches Europe
  • fight for country not your lives
  • the hundreds war was a series of wars in a fight between England and France