Intercultural Communication

Updated: 9/26/2021
Intercultural Communication

Storyboard Text

  • Did you finish your homework?
  • Yes, but I did not answer the last question because I did not know how to answer it.
  • YEAH!
  • It's easy. You will just give the given, unknown and show your solution and then divide it.
  • Can you teach me how you get the answer?
  • Like this, 435 dibaydibay 5 equals 87. so, 87 is the answer.
  • ...WHAT!?
  • You just have to divide it. 435 dibaydibay 5. Then, you will get 87.
  • ......
  • 435 dibaydibay 5?...
  • Ohh! Divided by...Divided by!!!
  • Yeah! Divided by...
  • No biggie...
  • Thank you guys for teaching me how to solve the last question!
  • You are very much welcome!