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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/13/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Savannah Shingler
  • Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the $20 bill.
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  • Only you white men are allowed to vote.
  • The Jacksonian Democracy was when Andrew Jackson decided to give voting rights to common white man, this isn't good because I believe voting should either be left up to the government who knows what they are talking about, or I believe that woman and other races can also vote not just white men.
  • Andrew Jackson created the spoils system which was when he replaced 10% of Republicans in the office with democrats to benefit his party. This was bad because the democrats chosen did not have much education or skill
  • You are the 10% of the republicans in the office that will be replaced by democrats .
  • Andrew Jackson hears that the native Americans have gold on their land in Georgia, which means that Andrew Jackson wants them to leave, which was not constitutional. Andrew Jackson does what he thought was right which wasn't really right because he sided with the states instead of the federal government. Native Americans are forced to leave and move west which followed with a “trail of tears.”
  • All of you must move west.
  • When Andrew Jackson became president the increase of tariffs is called the Tariff of Abominations. State has the right to reject federal law it considers unconstitutional. The vice president doesn't listen and South Carolina threatens to leave the United States because the United States was not doing what was right.
  • "states do not have the right of nullification."
  • Andrew Jackson believed one bank shouldn’t have all financial control. Andrew Jackson vetoed the renewal of the bank (bank goes out of business) . He deposited all the money into state run banks. This wasn't good because Andrew Jackson set up the ruin of the United states economy.
  • I veto the renewal of this bank.
  • Bank
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