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How it used to be
Updated: 10/2/2019
How it used to be
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  • Paleolithic time
  • Haa
  • Why does it have to be this way
  • Agricultural discovery
  • Hmm
  • Awwww, here ya go
  • Surplus food
  • What should I name you?
  • At first people were not that much. Did not know much back then. People did not have homes or any shelters at all. They were poor. The men had to risk their lives every day for food because they needed food for their children or their wives.
  • Permanent shelters
  • We all have homes now
  • Then the humans found out that they can tame animals bring them home. The humans made farms and did not have to risk their lives just for food. They fed the animals and made food out of them and clothes out of them such as coats, shoes, etc.
  • Law
  • Why
  • Ever since people brought animals home and planted their own food, people were full of food and they started building communities and those communities began growing and growing and then people built their own homes.
  • Trading
  • I'll give you a whole basket of food for that
  • People had a lot of supplies such as wood made out of their own trees planted by them, stone, glass and more. So they had enough supplies to build their own houses. And so every body Built houses and over time they became a big community.
  • After people had permanent shelters, law became a thing, and if anybody would break that law they would go to jail and would have to stay there for months, years, and sometimes even life time.
  • People had different jobs and they had supplies such as hammers, shovels, axes ,etc. And sometimes people would give each other those supplies or other stuff of their own for food or water, and more.
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