SIX panel Summary Comic of The Tell Tale Heart
Updated: 12/18/2020
SIX panel Summary Comic  of The Tell Tale Heart

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, you are a fine young lad
  • The old man a and the young man were good friends but the old man had a bad eye and it triggers the young mans mental illness.
  • You are a good Old Man and I am glad that we are good friends!
  • Every singe night at midnight the Young Man would go and watch the Old Man's eye for hours at a time.
  • That terrible scared eye it looks like that of a vulture!
  • Late that night after watching the old man for hours the Young Lad shooed the Old Man under the bed and squished him dead.
  • ehhhhhh
  • HA! HA! I have dealt with the evil vulture eye for long enough, now it is gone!
  • The man put the old man's body chucks into little bags and put them under the floor board.
  • I must hide the bags of body parts all over the house, they will never find them, would a mad man do that?
  • Neibors had called the police because they heard the old man scream, the Young Lad told them that he had just had a nightmare and that they could come in.
  • Hello we have had some calls about a loud scream
  • The Young Lad felt this heart beating and did not know what it was or what guilt was in the end he confesses that he killed the man and shows' them where his body chucks are.
  • Is there anything that you would like to tell us?
  • I hear a noise! I hear a noise! Look under the floor boards!
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