broken blade by john wilson HR 4
Updated: 2/27/2020
broken blade by john wilson HR 4

Storyboard Description

broken blade

Storyboard Text

  • mom im leaving you and father
  • yay
  • i only feel infinite pain
  • no la londe
  • Pierre left his Mom and Dad to become a voyageur. He was scared and it was hard work.He was really sad about it but he knew it was the right choice to leave.
  • when Pierre left st.Annes he started to get blisters. They hurt a lot to point where they bleed and a guy helps to get rid of the blisters.His crew also kill a deer and a duck so they have a good dinner.
  • so Pierres team took the rapids and during their adventure a rock stopped their canoe so la lone sacrificed his life so the canoe would go. Every one is sad and miscible. Pierre wants beloit to die.
  • yay
  • during the trip on lake heroun the weather got bad .and big waves appered. so they found an island that was used for safty from the big waves and then a big fight hapend because of food and beloits insults
  • During the Rendezvous Pierre and friends have a feast with Delicious food like pork milk and all that stuff.After the feast he went to Lake Superior where he encounter Kennewah and they picked berries.
  • so peirre got home and before he got home he talked to the doctor. when he got home he tried to suprise his dad but it didn't work. he and his dad talked quietly so his mom won't hear him and then they he cut wood for his father