Updated: 2/23/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to our secret cave Macbeth and Banquo, we shall tell you what your future holds
  • Please, tell me about my future!
  • I wonder what the future holds for Macbeth and I...
  • Banquo, you will be lesser than Macbeth but greater
  • you won't be so happy, yet much happier
  • Banquo, you will get kings, but you will not become one.
  • Wait! You only told me part of what I want to know. Stay and tell me more.why did you call me the lord of Atlantis? The lord of Atlantis is alive, he’s a rich and powerful man. And for me to be the new lord is completely impossible!
  • It looks like they have vanished into thin air, their bodies melted like breath in the wind. Man how I wish they had stayed longer!
  • The ocean has bubbles , and these creatures definitely came from a bubble within our sea. Where did they vanish to?
  • Were they even really here? Or have we been poisoned by that coral reef snake over there?
  • They told you that your children will become lords
  • They also said you will become the new lord of Atlantis...