The Evolution of Monarch Butterflies

Updated: 5/25/2021
The Evolution of Monarch Butterflies

Storyboard Text

  • The butterflies with short wings won't be able to survive and reproduce. The population of short-wing butterflies would end up decreasing
  • However, the butterflies that DO have success in their trips are long-winged.Long-winged butterflies can migrate. Their long wings give them the ability to travel distant destinations. And therefore, they can reproduce and increase the population of long-winged butterflies.
  • Migrating caused a change in the population, or evolution. And this was because it challenged the fitness of the butterflies. Longer winged butterflies could survive and reproduce while traveling far distances, increasing this gene across the migrating population.
  • Natural Selection also plays a huge role in the evolution of Monarch Butterflies. Short-winged butterflies dying while long-winged butterflies were surviving during migration is the example of natural selection. Butterflies need their resources, and when it isn't provided, they have to find it themselves. But the wing sizes affects their trips to find them.
  • Don't worry, there are short-winged butterflies across the globe, but those butterflies do not migrate. They are still able to reproduce as long as they stay in an environment with their desired resources.
  • Thank you for your time. I hope you learned something new.Make sure to check out for long-winged butterflies this summer!