Goldilocks a the three bears - Goldilocks point of view
Updated: 6/3/2020
Goldilocks a the three bears - Goldilocks point of view
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  • When me and my parents woke up my dad made breakfast and said we will eat if when we come back. We decided to go for a walk.
  • We saw birds and squirrels. We notice small footprints leading in the direction of our trial. so we followed it.
  • The prints lead to our house. We got suspicious so we went inside. "Someone's been eating at our foods." Mama cried. "Someone ate all of mine." I cried.
  • We walked into our living room to sit in our chairs because we were tired after our long walk. "Someone's been sitting in our chairs," papa yelled. "Someone broke my chair," I cried.
  • We walked into our bedroom to go to sleep in our beds after this long day. "Someone's been sleeping in our beds," both mama and papa yelled. "Someone has been sleeping in our beds and she is still in mine," I yelled.
  • "What were you doing in that house?" The man yelled.
  • The bears called the police and Goldilocks got arrested for breaking and entering. The bears now live happy and Goldilocks free.
  • "I was lost, hungry, and tired so I found that empty house so I went in" Goldilocks yelled back.
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