Texas Revolution Storyboard Project
Updated: 12/13/2019
Texas Revolution Storyboard Project
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  • Battle of GonzalesOct. 2, 1835
  • Convention of 1836Mar. 2, 1836
  • Mexico has ceased to protect the lives,liberty,and property of the people!
  • The Alamo Feb. 23-Mar.5, 1836
  • Surrender or die!
  • The Battle of Gonzales started when the Texians fired it at the Mexicans. The Mexicans ordered that they give up the cannon immediately, but the Texians refused. The Texians then raised the "COME AND TAKE IT" flag. The Mexicans had no weapons. Casteneda ordered a withdrawal and went back to Mexico.
  • Massacre at GoliadMar. 27, 1836
  • OH NO!
  • At the Convention of 1836, delegates met and set up an Ad-interim, or temporary, government. George Childress (pictured above) wrote the Declaration of Independence. The delegates voted David Burnett as the president for the Ad-interim government.
  • Runaway ScrapeSpring 1836
  • RUN RUN RUN!!!
  • The Alamo was the first loss of the Texians. The Mexicans surrounded the Alamo and stayed for 13 days before attacking at busting down one wall. The Mexicans then killed everyone except the women and the slaves.
  • Battle of San JacintoApril 21, 1836
  • Agua! Agua!
  • Fannin was ordered to go to retreat to Victoria, but instead he stayed and helped in San Antonio. The Texians soon found themselves surrounded in an open prairie. They were escorted to Goliad as prisoners. When Santa Anna found out about them being escorted he got mad that they weren't executed on the spot. He then ordered for everyone to be killed 
  • Santa Anna started marching towards cities in Texas to capture and kill people. Sam Houston and everyone one else started fleeing towards the U.S. They burned their towns to prevent Mexicans from getting supplies. Many people died in this event.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto was the last battle in the Texas Revolution.The Mexican followed the Texans and surrounded them. While the Mexicans were sleeping, the Texans attacked and won the battle. During the battle Santa Anna slipped away and a few days later they found him dressed in peasants clothes.
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