Social Studies storyboard
Updated: 3/31/2020
Social Studies storyboard
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  • STOP! I am here to sieze your ships to stop you from trading with other nations.
  • France and Britain Impressment
  • No! I am not going on your "floating hell".
  • The Embargo Act
  • Yes Mr. President!
  • No more trading with any foreign countries until their war is over!
  • The Non-Intercourse Act
  • Yes Mr. President!
  • Since the Embargo Act is not working the way we planned, I will change it to the Non-intercourse act. No trading with France and Britian!
  • In this box you see that the British soldier is seizing an American ship because America is trading with their enemy. The American soldier does not want to give up the ship to go with the British soldier because the British didn't treat them right. They called the British ships the "floating hells" because it was like living in hell. 
  • Then in reaction to the ships beign siezed and Americans being killed or captured, Thomas Jefferson created the Embargo Act. That meant that Americans couldn't trade which ended up being very bad for the American merchants. This caused people to lose huge amounts of money. This act didn't even really impact the British or French.
  • Now Thomas Jefferson was getting a lot of hate and becoming unpopular for the Embargo Acthe changed it to the Non-Intercourse Act which is just stopping America from trading with Britain and France. Hopefully this will help people go back to liking him and keep trading without losing money.
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