Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • Battle of Fort McHenry
  • Its ok our country is strong we will get through this!
  • Oh no the British are attacking!
  • Treaty of Ghent
  • Are you ready to sign the treaty?
  • Yes lets end this war.
  • Settling International Issues
  • Yes you are allowed to have one or two ships on each lake at a time.
  • So we can both fish in the lakes, right?
  • The British finished their war with France so they could focus on America. They started attacking Fort McHenry. When the British thought they won the Americans flew their flag high in the sky to show that they weren't backing down. This is how they created the Star Spangled Banner.
  • The Americans and British people signed the Treaty of Ghent to end the war of pride and hummilation. There wasn't really a winner of the war it was just to see who was better. The natives could be seen as the loser of the war because they lost their land and got killed in battle.
  • After the war Madison was trying to make ties and friendships with other countries. America agreed to fish on the Great Lakes with Britain. Then America and Canada signed a treaty to occupy the Pacific Northwest together. They also purchased Florida from Spain and gave Texas to Spain.
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