The WoB
Updated: 4/8/2021
The WoB

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  • Jankyn, I'm completely over your ridiculous book! You need to learn how to treat your wife with respect!
  • One evening, out of frustration and anger, the Wife of Bath tears out three pages from her husband's Book of Wicked Wives.
  • OW!
  • Then–without hesitation–the Wife of Bath strikes her Jankyn across the face.
  • In return for his wife's punch, Jankyn hits the Wife of Bath in the head, damaging her hearing for the rest of her days.
  • MY EAR!
  • Oh Jankyn...why must you do this to me? I only wish to kiss you before I find myself on my deathbed!
  • Is she crazy? Or am I?
  • WHAT THE-!
  • But when Jankyn comes close to the Wife of Bath to exchange a kiss...
  • But I can't kiss a fool like you!
  • Aw, my handsome and strong Jankyn! You are the most amazing man I've ever known!
  • Finally, the Wife of Bath's fifth husband has had enough, offering her the compensation she so desires.
  • You know what Alisoun, you can have my lonely and meager estate with it's cold fireplace and crooked table. Are we good now?