china's little embasador

Updated: 7/29/2020
china's little embasador

Storyboard Text

  • wonder what they are talking about
  • shirly, you can sit over there, it is a very special seat for a very special student, i dont give just anyone a front sit
  • thanks, it is nice to be on such a nice school, by the way, dont mind my daughter, she doesnt understand english
  • good afternoon, i hope you had a nice trip, it is a honor to have china's little embasador in our school
  • well then, shall i show you to your new clasroom?
  • ok mom
  • let's go, shirly
  • yes please
  • it doesnt look like there is anithing wrong with her eye... i am gona send her family a note
  • hello students, this is our new student, she comes from china so she doesn't understand english, so help her out a bit please, her name is shirly
  • why is she closing one eye?? is it like a way of greeting people in here, if it is nice, then maybe i should start doing it to
  • is something wrong with her eye? maybe i should send her to the nurse
  • a note? did i do something wrong? oh no, mom is gonna be mad at me