Russian revolution
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian revolution
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  • World War I
  • Bloody Sunday
  • February Revolution
  • more food!!
  • no more shortage
  • The outbreak of World War I, greatly influenced the coming of the revolution of 1917, as well as the the course the revolution took, its outcome, and the government that emerged. Nearly 6 million Russians were killed, wounded, or kidnapped.
  • October Revolution
  • Land, Peace, and bread!
  • Industrial workers and peasants come to the czar's palace, bringing with them a petition asking for better working conditions, more personal freedom and for someone to represent them in government
  • War Communism
  • Factory women angered by food shortage protested having to wait in line for bread, they also get the nearby factory men to join in. Soon all workers in Petrograd were protesting.
  • Civil War
  • When Lenin returned to Russia he called for the soviets to overthrow the provisional government, but the Petrograd soviet refused to support this. but in the end more and more Russians supported this with the saying "Land, Peace, and bread".
  • Lenin introduced an economic policy called war communism. The government took over all industries and dictated what was to be produced. Also Lenin's red army troops were sent to collect food, which was forcefully provided by peasants.
  • We are taking over the factories because of the new policy.
  • The Bolsheviks formed an army, called the red army in February 1918. The "reds" (communists) are opposed by anti-communists called "Whites".
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