The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Updated: 11/6/2018
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
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  • Alright! Let's start by doing some voice exercises. Do da ma me mi mo hi la la li le lo lu
  • I am terribly sorry! I only love Katrina and I did not mean any harm.
  • There once was a man named Ichabod Crane who was a school teacher and was now living in a village called Sleepy Hollow to teach the children of the town. Ichabod was not only a teacher but he was also a very talented singer.
  • Here is the story of the Headless Horseman..
  • When Ichabod had been in Sleepy Hollow for a little while, he began to teach a farmer's daughter, Katrina Van Tassel, how to sing. He then began to really like this girl especially when he found out that her family was rich and always had good food.
  • Just as Ichabod thought that he had a chance with Katrina, he saw a man named Brom Van Brunt, but was known as Brom Bones. Brom was very strong and was already very popular. Brom Bones and Ichabod Crane only had one thing in and common and that was their love for Katrina and her food and riches. Brom became very jealous of Ichabod and began to pull pranks on him.
  • Days later, some people in the town went to the Van Tassel's home for a social gathering . Of course, Ichabod Crane went to see Katrina Van Tassel during this gathering, but Brom Bones was also there.
  • After the party, Ichabod Crane was riding a horse back to his schoolhouse to sleep when all of a sudden he saw a terrible sight. He saw what he believed was the Headless Horseman! He began to get closer to Sleepy Hollow, but just as he was nearing a church in the town, the Headless Horseman threw a pumpkin at Crane's head making him fall to the ground.
  • The next morning, all that was left of the scene was some of Crane's clothing and a smashed pumpkin. It is believed that he did return to teaching, but did never return to that schoolhouse or that part of Sleepy Hollow again.
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