Child Vaccinations
Updated: 3/3/2021
Child Vaccinations

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  • Why should my child be vaccinated?
  • Well vaccinations can save your child from certain diseases by injecting dead viruses and helping your immune system identify the real virus particles. These vaccines save millions of children every year, and have a 90-99% success rate in preventing diseases. They strengthen the immune system so the immune system knows what to fight against.
  • But what if the vaccines have dangerous chemicals that could harm my child?
  • In fact, the chemicals in the vaccines, such as aluminum are used in small doses, not harmful quantities. The FDA also requires up to 10 years or more for testing vaccines before they can be used in the public, so that gives them plenty of time to identify dangerous chemicals and remove them from the vaccine!
  • Also how do vaccines help our society?
  • Vaccines can help establish herd immunity, which vaccinates a large portions of the population and prevent serious outbreaks of any disease, as well as protecting those who are vulnerable, for example, a 18-month old Polish girl contracted polio and spread it to 4 other unvaccinated children. However, the community met the herd immunity threshold and prevented a serious polio outbreak.
  • We can save many lives with vaccinations, so be sure to take vaccines to save others and save yourself.
  • Wow vaccinations sure are great! These vaccines should be taken by everyone to protect our society and prevent any serious outbreaks of which we would have a better and healthy society!