sir garwin and the green knight
Updated: 11/13/2020
sir garwin and the green knight

Storyboard Text

  • The entrance
  • ???
  • Who is this??
  • Game!
  • Game!
  • Challenge volunteer
  • May I??
  • What is happening?!
  • While King Arthur and his men were enjoying a fest, they had a strange visitor that had arrives. He walks in very courageous and confident. He knows exactly what he wants.
  • Action!
  • The knight started off complementing , but then he talked about how much better he could do then they. He ask the people to a game. This "game" was that one person could strike him with an ax, and a year later take it was his turn to take a blow if he was still around. The people had to show hospitality and agreed to this.
  • Payback journey
  • I will help you with your repaymentthanks!
  • At first, no one showed the act of chivalry to go through with this. Just as the king was about to do it himself. Garwin stepped up to the challenge. He showed chivalry by asking permission and humbling himself before he rose to it.
  • The end
  • It was my wife and I!!
  • After the King gives him permission, Garwin has the first blow on the knight. When he chops off the knights head, it does not phase him, he picks it up and continues to go on his way. All the people are in shock and Garwin questions what he got himself into.
  • oh my!!
  • Go ahead!
  • A year goes by and Garwin knows that he needs to find the green knight again. When he is on his journey, he stopped at a house. To stay, there he needs to give back what he is given. He gives the kisses of the wife and does not even give the third time. Even though he did wrong they warned him not to go, but he knew he had to and was on his way again.
  • Im home!!
  • When Garwin finally arrives at the dark and dreary house of the knight, the first two times the knights does not cut his head but when he does cut Garwin, he jumps up- his deed was technically over. The knight tells him that he knows about what he did at the house and that it was his wife. Garwin did not end up dying but his character of chivalry came out when he felt bad for the little thing that he did and apologized.
  • I'm sorry !!