the cookies
Updated: 2/10/2020
the cookies

Storyboard Text

  • Kenny is walking and out of no where two cookies fly by like a flash.
  • what!
  • Kenny looks up and sees Byron on the apple tree.
  • eat up.
  • hey, poindexter.
  • hi, By.
  • Byron takes another bite from his apple and hops down from the apple tree. Kenny starts to eat the cookies.
  • shut up and eat.
  • um, okay.
  • what are you doing here?
  • Byron throws Kenny a bag full of cookies.
  • here, eat some more.
  • oh, thanks By!
  • Kenny, figures out Byron is just being nice so he doesn't get in trouble.
  • I got them from Mitchell's but you can't tell on me because you had them too!
  • where did you get these?
  • Kenny doesn't want to get in trouble so he keeps his mouth shut. Even though Kenny knew he was being used he was happy to hang with Byron.
  • Or Daddy.
  • okay.
  • Fine I won't tell Mamma.