Updated: 4/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In 1935, i've been given the task to aid the allies and have been selected to become the vice-concealer
  • I just hope this situation it's not that bad as propaganda states it to be
  • Me and my wife saw an unarmed jew being lynched. which showed the cruelty of the Nazis. I saw his innocence and at that time, I knew that something had to change
  • When we moved to switzerland, I heard a German Officer yell something important...
  • Group will be departing to the german camps very soon
  • I proposed the swiss safe-conduct to allow children to escape the camp
  • The swiss safe-conduct has potential to safe thousands of live
  • Fine. We'll do it your way
  • Later that year, I worked with other diplomats to give jews more connection to their families and probably secure their freedom
  • We've saved 8,000 more Hungarian Jews