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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/23/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Gilgamesh had everything except friends. Because of this, he grew bitter and cold.
  • I am going to show how strong and powerful I am
  • Gilgamesh ordered a wall to be built around the city. The constant work caused starvation and fainting.
  • In despair, they prayed the Sun God for help
  • We need help!
  • Enkidu had never seen another human before, and he surely didn't like this one.
  • The hunter ran back to Uruk to warn Gilgamesh about the new danger in the forest.
  • One day, he decided to show how strong and powerful he was and make people remember him forever.
  • Gilgamesh didn't believe that there could be someone stronger than him. So wanted to challenge Enkidu.
  • The people of Uruk did not like their king, so they prayed to the Sun God for help. This created a man named Enkidu, who lived with the animals.
  • When they got to the city, Enkidu and Gilgamesh fought atop the wall.
  • He was a hunter, killing Enkidu's animal friends. So, Endiku threw the hunter off of his horse and scared him away. Shortly after, the hunter reported the strong man to the king.
  • Shamhat was chosen to lead the biggest parade that had ever taken place in Uruk.
  • Fathers and mothers were reunited and danced with their children in the streets.
  • So, he made the singer, Shamhat, lure Enkidu to the city with her music. Eventually, the two fell in love though they still went back to the city for the fight.
  • He approached her slowly so as not to frighten her
  • Gilgamesh slipped on a brick and fell off the wall, but Enkidu grabbed his arm before he fell. The king wondered why Endiku had helped him. Gilgamesh changed his opinion on people. He had just made a friend
  • Gilgamesh stepped on a loose stone, stumbled and fell over the wall
  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu, now brothers, watched and waved from atop the great wall.
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