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Updated: 3/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Grass Man
  • He deserves this for telling us to eat grass!!
  • Don't get run over!
  • "Sorry" about your son, here's some gold coins to help.
  • It's a secret!
  • I love Lucie and her family I would never betray them like this. So, think again!
  • This scene was when the peasants got angry because Foulon told them to eat grass if they are hungry. They then find out that he is in France and they capture him. They stuff his mouth with grass and then hang him from a lamp post. They do this to get their revenge and show him that he will get what he deserves. This is also to warn the higher class that they aren't safe.
  • You aren't Darnay...
  • I know, I have sacrificed myself for his family.
  • Wait, you aren't Charles Darnay....
  • This scene shows when the Marquis runs over Gaspard's son. The Marquis does not feel bad at all about his actions and treats the boys family with very little respect. To make up for running him over he gives Gaspard a few gold coins. He treats it as though his sons life was equal to the amount of money that he gave him. He then continues on with his trip and feels no guilt at all.
  • The Fraud
  • You need to get him out of here quickly before someone notices.
  • This scene is when Miss. Pross and Madame Defarge get into a fight because Miss. Pross will not give her the location of Lucie and her family. Madame Defarge wants to kill little Lucie because she supposed to be the last Evremonde. She wants revenge because her family was killed by Darnay's family. Madame Defarge then pulls a gun on Miss Pross and Madame Defarge ends up getting shot. Miss Pross loses her hearing because of the loud gun shot.
  • On the Run
  • As all those who were falsely accused are lining up to face their death the guards realize that Carton is not Darnay. Carton explains that he will be making the sacrifice for him. The guards are a little confused. However this means that Lucie and her family must move fast before Madame Defarge finds out that Darnay will still be alive. Carton knows he has made the right decicion to help their family.
  • This is Carton telling Barsad that he needs to get Darnay out of the prison as soon as possible. Carton has come to the conclusion that he wants Darnay to live and he will die instead. He realizes that Darnay would never agree to this plan so he drugs him. He gives Barsad a note to give to Darnay explaining what happened. Then he stays and waits for execution day.
  • After Darnay is conscious again he reads the note that Carton has written for him. He realizes that him and his family must leave quickly. They go first thing the next morning before Madame Defarge is able to catch on. They get to the city gates of Paris and leave. This way they will be safer and no longer in danger of Madame Defarge and the revolutionaries.
  • Thank you Carton for saving my family!
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