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english byronic interview
Updated: 10/1/2020
english byronic interview
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  • Conflicting Emotions
  • Troubled Past
  • I'm kind of in the mood for some splendid sweet drinks!!
  • But I hesitated last time, for the decision between grape and orange is a troubling one
  • Should I even go? Would it be worth it if I fail? Oh, I might run away in embarrasment!
  • Nobody likes strawberry!!
  • There's so many flavors! I think I'll go with grape!
  • EW!! Grape?? Dude, you are super weird. Nobody gets grape. #strawberryFTW
  • Being a"Rebel"
  • DistasteFor Norms
  • Hello, good sir! I'd like one grape soda, please.
  • Sir, this a Wendy's..
  • How embarrasing!
  • Weirdo..#strawberryFTW
  • I knew it. I knew that I would mess up--just like last time! I'm just going to go work on the female monster. I would rather be endlessly depressed from leaving the creature lonely than endure these feelings of embarrassment and anger.
  • Self-destructive
  • Curse those strawberry lovers! Sure, strawberry is only for premium customers, but that does not explain their actions!
  • No respectfor rank
  • Not to mention, this soda gives my tastebuds extraordinary sensations--I love it!
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