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A dog's way home
Updated: 3/29/2019
A dog's way home
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  • This picture is of Bella when she was a puppy, and meeting Lucas. After this man brought food bowls everyday,"...I just wanted to be held by the man ,to chew his fingers and pounce on him when he sat me down and rolled around the cool dirt," (Cameron22). Bella quickly fell in love with this human named Lucas and became close. In that quote it shows the love Bella had for Lucas.
  • This picture is of Bella traning to go home or animal control can take her away. "Go Home was to got tony spot and lie down,"(Carmon109). This shows the Bella knows that she has to go home when animal control comes. Bella does want to be taken away so Lucas always informed this rule on Bella.
  • This is a picture of a family member taking Bella away because she can't live there anymore so there going to keep her until they find a home. Bella thinking about when she is in the car, "In fact, some of them might take me away from Lucas...I needed to go home,"(Carmon 156). This quote is Bella thinking what she is trained to do go home to her family. Bella also needs to be with her family so she is determined to do so.
  • While on the Journey to get home Bella finds a friend named Dutch who is a dog and going to help her get home. while walking,"I was aware of Dutch, his scent pursuing me as I followed the trail,"(Camron255). This shows that Dutch is following Bella and making sure he gets home safely. This also shows how much Dutch cares about him.
  • Bella finally makes it home and sees her best friend Lucas. Bella finally came home,"My long journey was over...back with my human family"(Carmon310). Bella finally sees Lucas and her travel was over and is happy. Bella traveled for a long time so she can see Lucas and family and is now happy.
  • Bella makes it home and spends her life with her best friend Lucas. " Was back with my people, and would never leave again...finally was Go Home,"(Camron 327). This shows that Bella is at peace and is with her family and is happy. Also Bella is home and will never leave there side because she loves them so much.
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