The War That Saved My Life
Updated: 5/21/2020
The War That Saved My Life

Storyboard Description

Ada is attempting to jump over the wall on Butter, her pony. She has improved her riding since she tried to jump it last time and nearly died. When she jumps over it she feels amazing, like she can do anything. She sees Susan and her brother Jamie talking to a strange woman, so she goes on over to see who it is. Suddenly she recognizes the woman! It's her Mam! The woman that abused her and didn't let her live a normal life because of her club foot. She said it was a sign of the devil. Mam is here to reclaim her and Jamie after they ran away because London was getting bombed. They left with Jamie's school and ended up living with Susan. She improved their lives in every single way. Mam wants Ada and Jamie back because she can't afford to keep them with Susan, although she could care less for them. Mam forcefully drags Ada and Jamie home, leaving Susan and Butter behind.

Storyboard Text

  • Come on Butter, you can do it!
  • I can do anything!
  • Ohh No!
  • Hello
  • That was amazing!
  • Give me Jamie back! He is mine! I can't believe you have been livin with these fancy rich posh brats! Lets GO!
  • Mam!
  • He must get his things first and I would like to say goodbye to them first
  • Jamie aint need nothin!
  • Ohh Noo!
  • I don't want to go
  • Excuse Me!
  • Mam! Its me Ada
  • How rude! Get out of my way rich girl! Wait Ada!
  • I want to stay with Susan
  • Please let me say goodbye to them first
  • Susan!
  • Goodbye Jamie, Ada! I love you guys! Don't worry I will take care of Butter
  • You two are spoiled brats!
  • Susan!
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