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The Tempest Act 1
Updated: 4/17/2020
The Tempest Act 1
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  • Have you forgotten that you are talking to the king, boatswain?
  • I demand to know where the master of the ship is to be found!
  • I order you all to stay below deck for your own safety!
  • We shall do our best to save the ship, sailors!
  • We have lost the ship!
  • My son, Ferdinand, is lost!
  • Father, I beg you to end the ship's torment and my own, since i suffer as I watch the ship inhabitants suffer!
  • My actions have been to protect you, Miranda.
  • I am the rightful Duke of Milan and your are the princess. I abdicated the rule of the kingdom to my brother, but he used that power to betray me and sent us off to this island.
  • I may have remembered having three or four women looking after me, but i thought it was just a dream.
  • My Master, everyone, except for the crew, was forced to abandon the ship, The passengers have separated into smaller groups on different parts of the island. My Master, i ask you to free me, as you promised.
  • I have more need of you Ariel and declare that your freedom must be delayed a few more days.
  • No my daughter. He eats and sleeps just like us, but he has lost his companions in a ship wreck and is wondering about.
  • Father, what is this divine creature i see? is it a lord or a god?
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