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Updated: 9/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hey do you want to do drugs after school
  • she trys to think of an exusse of what to say
  • hey you never answered my qustion
  • she walks over to alejandra
  • ummmm i cant i play a sport and i can't be doing that
  • come on just do it this once it will be fun
  • I'm sorry but i already said know many times but i can't do that because i could get kided off the team
  • hey i have something to drink its beer
  • I can't drink i have to drive
  • no thank you I;m fine
  • hey your not driving no more how about that drink
  • your such a loser you nver want to do anything
  • Its not that i'm a loser one i do a sport and if they found out i could get kicked off the team and there gose my life and 2 you need to understand of when someone says not they mean no and not pressure them so goodbye