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Updated: 10/16/2020
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  • Time go too watch the movie about adverbs with the class
  • Too He will go watch the movie is what it means
  • Adverbs are words that describe verbs adjective and other adverbs to tell where when how how often how long of to what extent
  • Where do I buy snacks
  • You will be buying tasty snacks on the counter
  • Buying tasty The buying is describing the adj tasty
  • The very speedy movie will begin in 5 minute
  • Very The boy is saying adverb is describing speedy with very cause it is very qucik
  • When will the movie start
  • That movie was very badly filmed
  • Badly When something is that you are doing is being done very badly then that means you are not doing it good so the movie was not good and how was the movie was filmed
  • How was the movie
  • The boy was unbelieving sleeping when it was only 5 pm until 10 am
  • How long Usually people start to sleep around 8pm to 10 pm so It is a surprise he is sleeping 3 hours earlier the usual so it was unbelievable he slept longer than usual
  • Often He gets picked up by the bus everyday that's how often he gets picked
  • The bus comes to pick me every day
  • How often do you get picked up by the bus
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