Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • hello my name is jack how are you?
  • fine,fine! where do you live ?tell me about you
  • hey, good about you?
  • i live in australia i'm 25 years old, i live with my wife
  • ok,cool!where do you work?
  • oh this is a good job! i wish have a job as your one.
  • i work in travel agency i help tourishes when they are and in somecases i'm the tour guide
  • you can, you cani chech if there are vacancies
  • bro, thank you ,do you want a coffe?
  • ok, near of here, there is one cafeteria if looks well
  • don't worry! that's what friends are for, yes of course
  • hey this coffe is delicious
  • oh sounds good bro
  • what are you doing tomorrow ?
  • yes it's ok i don't know maybe i have a date
  • oh, i didn't remember that you need to do more things.sorry,the bus should pass in half hour you have time.
  • thanks bro don't worry, i always make time for my friend
  • yes,hey bro i need to take the bus
  • oh, you're the best, see you soon
  • you bro too tomorrow i'm gonna call youbye!