Unknown Story
Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Bro, you can't search me, you're violating my privacy!
  • What? Dude, hell no, there's nothing in here other than school stuff!
  • Anddd what're you gonna do about it, big boy?
  • Yo, lemme check whats in yo bag, been seeing you might have a weapon or somethin
  • Guess I'll have to seize it by force.
  • He was invading my privacy!
  • HEY! What's going on over here? Why did you push him over?!
  • He has a weapon in that bag!
  • It appears Nate accuses you of storing a weapon, along with social media raising concerns as well. Given the circumstances, I'm allowed to search you.
  • This isn't fair, they need a warrant to search me!
  • ...I kept that thing around for self defense purposes.
  • You may be misinformed, but school staff is completely allowed to seize and search a student if there is any reasonable suspicion.
  • And from what I've found, you are bestowing a weapon. You know what this means, correct?