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Updated: 1/10/2021
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  • It was dissolved in 1834, when the Estates of Proceres voted in the Cortes decreed its total extinction.
  • The Holy Brotherhood(Santa Hermandad)
  • we are a corporation composed of groups of armed people, paid by the municipal councils, to pursue criminals. It was instituted by Isabel the Catholic in the Cortes de Madrigal in 1476 (15th century), unifying the different Brotherhoods that had existed since the 11th century in the Christian kingdoms.
  • Religious unity:
  • Our main objective is the religious unity that inspired policies.
  • The inquisition was created in 1478 with the aim to end heresy and prosecute those who turned away from Catholicism.
  • Capitulations of Granada
  • This treaty was signed by the Monarchs after de conquest of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. It allowed the Muslims to practice their religion in Granada. However, in 1499, Cardinal Cisneros forced imposed Christianity on the Muslims. Although some left the peninsula, most Muslims chose baptism, and were called Moriscos afterwards.
  • In the cities, the figure of corregidor presided over the town hall on behalf of the monarchs, and controlled the power.
  • We were permanent army that were professional soldiers in service to the monarchs.We also created the Santa Hermandad, which maintained social order in rural areas.We were an armed corps in charge of prosecuting criminals.With the pass of the time this, turned into the thirds.
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