Missy Elliott "Sweet Thang"
Updated: 3/28/2020
Missy Elliott "Sweet Thang"

Storyboard Text

  • I'm tired of her S**t and it's time to stand up!
  • Missy shows up on screen as Lil Miss Sweet Thang for her song "Sweet Thang" with a set designed to look like Wizard of Oz Munchkin Land
  • You really thought we were broke huh? We got money I'm ready to fight
  • The next scene shows Missy answering to Queen Nicki, the Fairy's nemesis who betrayed her and is trying to take over Lil Miss Sweet Thang and her people
  • Missy is preaching to the villagers that they shouldn't be afraid of the Queen as she raps about being sweet yet spicy and not letting people take advantage of you
  • Missy then appears in the next scene in her hidden chambers with money the citizens have raised to go fight the Queen for their freedom
  • Missy decides to take action and uses money from her the citizens to buy a foreign army to help fight Queen Nicki for her people's freedom.
  • After defeating Queen Nicki, there's a new bad B in town. Missy is praised by her people and shares her riches with those who never left her side and remained faithful, symbolism for those who always stood by Missy throughout her career.