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Updated: 2/24/2020
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  • Today I'll be expressing my top 3 learning styles in which can be used in unique ways throughout our everyday lives, helping to find a career path which suits you the best
  • Introduction
  • Varinder ShergillMs.Walker GLC200
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • -Picture Smart-Body Smart-Music Smart-People Smart-Self Smart-Nature Smart
  • Having multiple learning ways of expressing knowledge can play a big role in finding a job/ comprehending information. This overall boosts academics as well.
  • Why would I care about my multiple intelligences?
  • My Top 3 Intelligences
  • 1. 39%2. 35%3. 26%
  • 1. Body Smart2. People Smart3. Sound Smart
  • Results
  • The theory of "multiple intelligences" was developed back in the 1980s by Dr. Howard Gardner (professor at Harvard University). It showcases the standard way of defining intelligence, based on I.Q, isn't specific enough. Instead, Dr. Gardner proposed 8 different types of intelligences portrayed by both children and adults.
  • Body Smart
  • This theory of "multiple intelligences" stresses the ability of intelligence as not an overall ability itself. but to have different aspects of intelligence in which suit different roles. Knowing my bits of intelligence, it helps me cope with different types of situations that involve separate learning styles. 
  • People Smart
  • This example shows the communication with people which allows you to see their perspective on a view, to easily agree on a statement. Being "people smart" is a must when entering in the business field. 
  • After taking the quiz, the results had classified me as being body smart for my top intelligence, then people smart at number 2, followed by sound smart for the 3rd. These bits of intelligence can be used for different types of scenarios and/or jobs we face in our everyday lives. 
  • Sound Smart
  • The intelligence of body smart incorporates the physical use of the body to help achieve goals for activities that require movement. Depending on the person, many prefer physical activity compared to keeping still and reading/writing as they can freely express their emotions, etc. This strategy opens up career paths in the athletic field.
  • Using my intelligence of "body smart," helps me succeed in physical activities like working out. Having this trait allows me to help out classmates who struggle with physical activities as well as opens career lanes for becoming an athlete, personal trainer, etc. This helps in not only sports, but pathways like acting, drawing etc as well.
  • Being people smart Incorporates the verbal understanding of people and understanding the other persons perspective. Having this intelligence allows you to see through someone meaning, being able to tell the type of person they are from the first time meeting them. This intelligence leads to career paths of being a cop, politician and/or any job which requires strong communication with people
  • Being "sound smart" incorprates producing/listening to sounds which can protray messages. This type of intelligence was used by muscicians as they express their emotions through music. Some people with musical intelligence are especially gifted at composing, singing or playing an instrument. They often have songs playing through their head. They usually learn well through lectures since they are highly auditory as well.
  • I'm shown creating, communicating, and understanding meanings made out of sounds. Composers and musicians have this intelligence.
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